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We work with people struggling with anxiety and depression; relationships with Self and Others; dating, break-ups and premarital stages; martial discord; parents of young children; adolescent rebellion; unmotivated college students; life transitions; midlife assessment (aka, mid-life crisis).

We teach specific coping skills of stress management; emotional / anger management; communication skills including conflict resolution; decision making processes; assertiveness training; esteem cultivation and identity development.

We support other counseling professionals expertly, working with one spouse of a couple who is working with another marriage counselor; and aftercare needs after hospitalization or inpatient treatment programs for addictions like alcoholism and eating disorders.

Therapy doesn't have to be forever!

Self-investment takes time, money and energy. But it doesn’t have to last forever. Most clients learn specific, applicable skills in only the first few months. The remaining time in treatment is used for support and accountability. Then a type of graduation occurs when the client is released back into the world with a new or improved support system cultivated during treatment. But of course our doors remain open for when the client needs support during a new transition later in life. I myself have had a couple clients return to me 10 years after their “graduation” due to a huge life transition. They remembered our work together and thought it appropriate to enlist our services once again. And that’s how relationships with therapists are to look like; not forever but when necessary.

You’ve taken the first step in your self-investment by exploring your options. Your second step is the intake process and free one-hour session to interview me for competency and chemistry. Your third step will be to explore options towards healing.

Now that you are ready to begin these steps, contact us today to schedule a FREE first session.

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Remote Session Options

Stay connected with your therapist through Telehealth

* It is important to us that you can always access counseling services, especially in a time such as now which we are experiencing challenging events due to the Covid-19 virus.

Telehealth by SimplePractice is a fully secure and HIPAA-compliant solution that provides us with an option to meet and engage in a video session together from anywhere. The process to get started is simple and built into the same administration platform we use to schedule our appointments. Rest assured that you, along with a good WiFi signal, will be able to sign-on and continue sessions without a complicated setup.

For more in depth information, visit the Telehealth FAQ for clients page here.

Telehealth by SimplePractice can be accessed through your computer browser with no complicated setup or available on the Appstore and Google Play.

Download the Telehealth app from the App Store
Download the Telehealth app from the Google Play

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  • A standard 50 minutes session is billed at $200.00
  • Late cancellation fees are applied when necessary but we understand when life interrupts our best laid plans!


Practical Therapy of Edmonds, LLC does not take insurance.

Why pay more for a private practice provider when you can go to an agency that could take your insurance?

  1. Not all agencies or centers will accept your insurance leaving you to pay out of pocket anyway.
  2. If you haven’t already experienced it, turnover rates at agencies and centers are highly frequent, often discouraging, and impact therapeutic momentum.
  3. Agencies and centers tend to only staff interns and associates. They are educated and compassionate but inherently not as confident or experienced.
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