Automatic Thoughts and Distortions

AUTOMATIC THOUGHTS & DISTORTIONS The Self-Esteem Workbook ; Recognize and Replace Self-Defeating Thoughts Whenever an upsetting event occurs, automatic thoughts (ATs) run through our minds.  Although we’re each capable of thinking reasonably about upsetting events, sometimes our automatic thoughts are... Read More


Yes, there are books and books (and now social media and the internet, etc.) about Boundaries.  Here’s how I break down this concept for application!   BOUNDARIES Boundaries keep Self and Others Safe. Emotions give us information about our Boundary... Read More

Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflict Resolution Skills   Many couples are immediately interested in conflict resolution skills.  They say it’s about communication, and yes, communication is a huge part of resolution but not the only skill necessary to resolve conflict.   Yet, this is my... Read More

8 reasons Adolescents Rebel

In my experience I have observed 8 root causes of Adolescent Rebellion.   RIGIDITY, witnessed in lectures, ultimates, absolutes, threats. CONTRADICTIONS, for example, parents can’t swear if the teen is forbade from swearing.  It’s just about respect, thus if the... Read More


People often do not understand what Forgiveness is or what it even looks like.   This is how I break it down for my clients: It is a cognition, NOT an emotion.  It is a conscious decision to make regarding the... Read More


…are more than just the words, “I’m sorry”.  In fact it’s an entire process but there are only four steps!!     Acknowledgement; identifying the offense and how it would affect the other. Apology; the words, “I’m sorry”. Promise; yes,... Read More

to be a good parent/spouse/person

I want to address a very common desire my clients express to me one way or another: “I just want to be a good person.  HOW do I be a good person?” As there are very many philosophers of today... Read More

Coping Skills!! The unhealthy, the distracting, and the addressing.

Welcome to my first blog entry; let’s get into it! I cultivated the following lists because I experienced there was a lack of what I’ve coined, “Addressing Coping Skills”.  Many seek counsel because of unhealthy coping skills and most of... Read More
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