…are more than just the words, “I’m sorry”.  In fact it’s an entire process but there are only four steps!!



  • Acknowledgement; identifying the offense and how it would affect the other.
  • Apology; the words, “I’m sorry”.
  • Promise; yes, these are just more words for now.  
  • Proof; this is why we tolerate the words.  



It is the proof of promises that break cycles of “offense – apology- offense – apology, etc.

It is the proof that satisfies the suspicion, “you’re only sorry you got caught.”

It is the proof that allows for forgiveness to lead to trust development.  

It is the proof that gives the words any meaning! No more empty promises.  


Meet with me for further suggestions and support with what the heck proof really looks like!

FYI, psychotherapy has been a great example of proof for my clientele as it gives opportunity for Consistency.  People need proof of Consistenty to alleviate the anxiety of, “I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop”.  People can distrust improvements when there is no Consistency experienced.